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In PushLab, where we formulate the science of total fitness. Utilizing research and knowledge of human anatomy, and the musculoskeletal system we alter our workouts for maximum muscle activation; muscle confusion to prevent the plateauing of constant growth for better results, as well as juxtaposing the form to prevent injuries and increase its effectiveness.

PushLab offers both group classes and personal training in which we will make a PushLab athlete out of you. You may register for the group classes by simply going on www.pushlab-fitness.com and choosing any given time that best fits you.

Furthermore, our personal training program is personally tailored to meet your goals and your body. We range from kickboxing, boxing, aerobic, strength training, anaerobic and flexibility training.

The pricing options for Personal Training are listed below.

Single Session: $110
10 Sessions: $100 ea.
20 Sessions: $90 ea.

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-PushLab Fitness Team